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There is NO FEE for the Open Reading Period

No simultaneous submissions. Limit each submission to 5 poems. Please refrain from putting your name on the poem, so judging can be blind. 

Candidates for Pushcart nominations are selected from this reading period

sent up to 2 months after close of reading period.

Acceptances published in either Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 this year..

The Comstock
Review Contributor’s Guidelines 

The Comstock Review is proud of its long-established reputation of publishing the finest known and unknown poets throughout North America. We choose our poems solely on the basis of what we consider to be their artistic merits. We are not swayed by long publishing
histories. We do not publish single haiku, and rarely publish anything over two pages unless we find it exceptional and deserving of so much space. We are not afraid of the avant-garde, but shy from the overly obscure, the patently religious, and the needlessly graphic. 

Our Editors

• Well crafted verse, either traditional or non-traditional; •
Consistency of metaphor;
• Refreshing, distinctive imagery and diction;
Effective use of poetic devices and sonic qualities; 

• Theme or approach that casts new light on the world and the
human condition; and/or • A poem that tickles your brain long after the page
has turned. 



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